August 14, 2018

Hello again to the members and friends of the Spicewood Airport. I am pleased to provide you with an update of the status and progress pertaining to the Grass Runway Improvement Project. There have been two significant advancements towards the completion of the project since my last update.

Let me start with thanking all of the members and friends of the airport that have donated their money to this project. I am pleased to tell you that we have now received a total of $14,932.00 in donations. Thank you to ALL!

First, I mentioned to you in the previous update that a few of our members had pledged to donate but we had not received their donation. Well, I am pleased to tell you that those members have now sent in their donations. Again, thank you. All pledged funds have been received!

Speaking of getting it done, Buddy Keller and Keller Bradfield have done it again. You will recall they provided us the runway grass seeding, equipment and labor to seed, all at no expense to us! Thank you again gentlemen!

Second, now for more great news. Buddy’s company also has underground pipe boring equipment that we desperately need for boring under Exeter Road and the asphalt runway. Barry Stein spoke with them and they have agreed to provide the labor and equipment for a cost of only $4,000.00/day to do this boring for us. It is projected that the boring can be done in one day! This cost is significantly below our original estimated cost. Please join me in giving them a HUGE THANK YOU! Gentlemen, thank you for your wonderful commitment to our airport.

The original project estimate was $26,000.00. With the two major donations made by Buddy and Keller, our project completion estimate has been reduced significantly! With the current donations collected ($14,932.00), we believe our project may be within reach financially. Your prayers are appreciated. If you haven’t yet donated, big or small amounts, we can still use your help.

There are two outstanding issues to be resolved before we continue the project. First, we must revisit the project’s estimated cost for needed equipment and products to complete the project. We want NO surprises. Second, we need to meet with the WOWSC and complete the agreement for the usage of the effluent water. We see this agreement as a Win/Win. Water they can’t use becomes water for our Grass Runway! What a blessing for both parties.

It is my hope that we can finalize these two remaining issues soon and get started. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our board members.

Gary Young
Chair Person – Grass Runway project

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